our review of the wayb pico travel car seat

wayb pico car seat review

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For those of you who’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m constantly on the hunt for the best kids’ travel gear. Between our chaotic military lifestyle and the fact that we love adventuring, we are almost always on the go, and there is rarely a weekend that we’re home (except last weekend). One of the biggest thorns in our side while traveling, however, has always been car seats. It’s true – kids’ gear, like car seats, pack ‘n plays, etc., are free to check when you fly – but that doesn’t negate the hassle of lugging heavy and bulky car seats through the airport…especially if you choose to take them on the plane. Above and beyond that, when we travel, we tend to pack heavier than we’d like. Let’s be real. What parent doesn’t? When we went camping in Leavenworth, our car was full to the brim, and the kids’ traditional car seats were squished and generally uncomfortable for the kids, especially with added blankets and pillows. There’s a game-changer here for you though. Today, I want to share our review of  the WAYB Pico travel car seat, and why it’s a must-have for adventurous families with young kids.

Our Review of the WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat

Let’s talk about the big picture first. Traveling with car seats is always a hassle, but nobody wants to sacrifice the security of their littles in favor of our convenience. This is where the WAYB Pico travel car seat comes into play. It’s a forward-facing, ultra-compact and collapsible 5-point harness car seat.

I know what you’re thinking; there’s no way it can be safe. False. The WAYB Pico Travel Car Seat passed all federal safety testing with flying colors – just like traditional car seats – and it’s about as lightweight and compact as one could hope for at just 8 lbs at 14.5 inches wide! Designed for children who are 2+ years old and between 22-50 lbs and 30-45 inches tall, making it perfect for both Spencer and Porter.

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Our Favorite Features of the WAYB Pico

I’ll admit; I was super daunted about trying to figure out proper installation for our WAYB Pico car seats. We have a Honda Odyssey, and traditionally, we have all three of our littles in the second row together. Mieke sits behind the passenger seat, Spence is in the middle, and Porter is behind the driver. My main concern was that Porter’s seat has the recommended and preferred LATCH mechanism, while Spencer’s doesn’t.

Following their video methods, I managed to thread the shoulder and lap belt properly, wiggling and tugging until the seat belt was appropriately locked and the seats were acceptably tight. Once installed, the kids were super eager to try them out, and we made note of all the things we loved:

  • The kids felt they had increased mobility – without compromising any safety whatsoever
  • The narrow seat design gives them a little more space between each other, helping avoid normal roadtrip squabbles
  • It’s ridiculously easy to fold, clip, and store in the travel backpack
  • Once you’ve figured out the proper installation, you’ve adjusted to the learning curve, and it’s super easy going forward…and yes, it’s safe for everyday use
  • It’s FAA approved for airplane travel, so we love that we can bring (and use) it on board – as well as while we’re overseas without any extra bulk

The WAYB Pico comes with a pretty significant price tag but I, personally, think it’s well worth it if you’re consistently traveling. When we visit my parents and drive in my mom’s smaller car, we struggle to get three car seats in there, and honestly, it’s a painful inconvenience. The WAYB Pico effectively eliminates this issue completely, and it will definitely be a lifesaver on our next trip to South Africa, or the next time we hop in taxis or Ubers – offering a safe alternative to the kiddos sitting on our laps.

Like any great travel gear, the WAYB Pico car seat takes some figuring out, but I’m so incredibly glad to have them now. The kids say they’re comfortable, I love the safety, and I can’t get enough of how sleek they look as opposed to traditional car seats. Sidenote: our Pico car seats are the “Earth” color, and we’re obsessed. So, when I say that the WAYB Pico is the best travel car seat, I mean it, and it’s worth a peek (at least) for every adventurous family.

Tell me – have you heard of the WAYB Pico travel car seat? What sort of questions do you have about it, or would you get it for your littles?