summer ’24 according to my iphone

fishing chena river

I think it’s safe to say that summer is in full swing here in Fairbanks, and we’re spending every moment we possibly can soaking up the nearly 24 hours of sunshine and daylight that we get every day right now. We’re gearing up for the summer solstice this weekend, and it’s going to be a big one packed with fun events and family time – and Ryan’s brother even coming out to visit! Ryan’s also coming back from his most recent TDY, and we’re so excited to actually have him home with us for a change. Every once and a while I do one of these posts. It’s kind of a stream of consciousness – mostly just sharing summer ’24 according to my iPhone and the far too many photos I take on a daily basis. So, let’s dive in.

Summer ’24 According to my iPhone

It’s no secret that this past year has been a hard one for us, but we’ve been holding on with the highest hopes for summer, and summer has delivered. The kids and I spend almost the whole day outside every single day, and when we’re not outside, they’re doing sports. All three are in jiujitsu and love it. The boys actually just had an exhibition in town, and they both did really well. Now, we’re just enjoying the time we have before their next tournament in Washington in a couple months! Here’s a little bit of summer ’24 according to my iPhone…

summer '24 according to my iphone

summer '24 according to my iphone

summer '24 according to my iphone

summer '24 according to my iphone

We officially wrapped up year two of homeschooling and made the tough decision to send them back to school this fall. I don’t know if we’ll continue public school after we move again, but for now, it feels like the right move for our family. It was a long first winter at Fort Wainwright, and those months of pseudo-isolation were hard on all of us – especially Mieke, who went from a nurturing preschool in Korea to basically every day at home.

I’m definitely not opposed to homeschooling again in the future. I’ve loved it. We even said if it doesn’t feel like it’s working mid-year, we could adjust and pull the boys if needed. Right now though, this feels like the right move and, with my working part-time again, it’s a good spot to be in.

summer at fort wainwright

smokey days at fort wainwright

We’ve also experienced our first smoke-filled days of the season. Wildfires are everywhere throughout Alaska and Canada in the summer months, and that picture above is from one of our more recent smoky days. Thankfully, we’ve had a lot of rain, and it’s cleared out most of the smoke. I remember some really smoky days last summer at Birch Lake though, so we’re crossing our fingers there aren’t too many of those!

All in all, summer is off to a beautiful start. We’re excited for more hikes and adventures, but this low-key life we’re living this summer is one hundred percent just what we needed, too, and I love it.

Tell me – how is summer going for you thus far?